Back-office & Management Control

Inventory Comparison

Keep costs down by comparing the cost of inventory from last week’s inventory or even the previous month’s inventory. By holding comparisons, you can actualize and aim to adjust your food cost.

Food Cost Analysis

Know your profitability. Linga POS will calculate the cost of each ingredient that goes into your menu items sold, so that you know the overall menu item cost and can make adjustments as needed.

Dashboards & Reports

Know your store by utilizing our Key Performance Indicator Dashboard to conveniently display your net sales, transactions, refunds etc. so you can have an accurate “at a glance” view.

Payroll Reporting

Track employee hours for the day or week to calculate your labor costs. With payroll reporting, you can analyze the report to see if you are sufficiently staffing, overstaffing, or even understaffing your restaurant.

Detailed Sales Reporting

Generate easy to understand, detailed sales reports with your best and worst selling items, peak hours and the profitability details of your menu. Learn your strengths and eliminate your weak points.

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