Why InCloud?

It’s the full-spectrum solution for businesses from A-Z

A powerful and reliable platform with a full array of front and back office management tools, industry leading integrations, and world-class support.

Popular Features

Multi-language & Multi-currency

For those who have stores around the world, InCloud POS can translate into 30+ different languages such as English, German, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Turkish. (If you don’t see your language, let us know. We can customize our product for you). It is also compatible with every single currency in the world.

Pizza by Slice

Emphasize the customization of pizza, all the way down to the slice! With InCloud POS your customers can express their creative abilities to make the most elaborate pizzas in history. You can add and subtract each individual topping without ever having to delete the order.

EMV Secure Payments

EMV card readers bring a new meaning to the full service restaurant. These chip cards have unique identifiers that make stealing personal information much harder than with magnetic strips on older card technology.

No Signal, No Problem

InCloud POS has a special offline feature where the iPads work independently without the need of a server computer or another iPad. It even works without the internet. No WiFi, No Internet, No Problem.

Ingredient Inventory

InCloud POS can calculate the cost of each menu item by adding and calculating the cost of each individual ingredient that goes into the recipe.

Online ordering

 Get your own website within minutes and start taking orders today!

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