STG and LS One Hospitaility

The hospitality industry is fiercely competitive. When customers enter your restaurant they expect excellent food, rapid and high-quality service, and great prices with the possibly with special offers and promotions.

Restaurateurs need to be able offer their diners everything they request and more, if they wish to maintain loyalty and grow their customer base.

Yet, catering for customers to perfection is far from easy. From handling tables and checks, to managing a kitchen from which dishes have to come out in the right order and in a timely fashion, to making sure that costs do not run out of control, the restaurant business is extremely complex.

How to manage all the back-office complications and provide guests with the outstanding experience that will make them satisfied, returning customers?

Cut your costs and grow your margins

Systems Technology Group and LS One Hospitality offers plenty of features made specifically to simplify restaurant management. Our software solution will help cut your costs and improve your bottom line. With STG and LS One you will be able to:




  • Speed up your staff training
  • Increase your revenue with the up-selling and cross-selling tools
  • Reduce capital binding in inventory
  • Analyze your sale reports and adjust your business strategy
  • Make your service faster and more efficient by sending orders automatically to the kitchen

Optimize your operations

Systems Technology Group can help you streamline your restaurant business and enhance your whole operation, from kitchen to POS to back office. With STG and LS One Hospitality you can:

  • Use the POS both online and offline, so you are operative even if the network or server are down
  • Monitor your whole activity from the back office
  • Use the color-coded menu buttons on the POS to speed up your ordering process
  • Customize your POS terminals to better fit your needs
  • Prevent loss by restricting access to specific POS operations
  • Analyze your sales and perfect your business strategy

Offer exceptional customer service and drive returning business

Give your customers superior customer service and ensure their loyalty. LS Hospitality's solution is packed with features made purposely for the hospitality business that will help you increase returning business by:

  • Handling split and partial bills, simply and precisely
  • Delivering both standard and unique fast and accurately
  • Gaining 100% functionality, as our POS will continue to work offline if the network goes down
  • Manage a loyalty program to reward frequent customers
  • Offering lunch or weekend promotions



Customer Support, 24/7 support

Systems Technology Group offers round the clock support for its products and solutions. A friendly customer service representative is just a click away.

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