STG and LS One

LS One is a light, quick-to-learn and easy-to-customize retail Point of Sale software. Quick to implement and easy-to-use, LS One can help businesses of all sizes – from startups, to larger businesses which can take advantage of the full power of the platform.

Provide faster customer service, offer promotions and loyalty programs, manage your inventory more effectively and evaluate your business’s performance thanks to a suite of reporting and analysis tools. Enjoy superior levels of performance: our POS terminals can work both online and offline so that you do not have to worry any longer about network problems.

Improve your bottom line

STG and LS One can give you better control over your business thanks to its fast and powerful features. With LS One you will be able to:

  • Streamline and oversee your inventory whenever you want
  • Easily manage your stock by grouping your products
  • Create discounts and prices with a click for groups or sub-groups of products
  • Save time with with our easy-to-use, intuitive system



Sell anytime, anywhere
with the mobile POS

The LS One mobile POS, which can run on Android and iOS devices, will help retailers offer quicker, better service on the shop floor. The LS One POS system is now fully platform independent and can support any number of POS devices that can connect at the same time.

Easy Point of Sale

LS One’s flexible POS solution will optimize your check-out procedures and empower your staff with a host of functions. Our Point of Sale terminals speed up your daily operations and enhance your customer service by automatically calculating offers, promotion prices and special prices for loyal customers.


The LS One retail POS system is fully platform-independent and can support any number of POS devices, whether stationary or mobile, to connect at the same time.

Accept multiple payment types, such as cash, cards, loyalty points and foreign currency. Access your inventory and sell faster by using barcodes, or just with the touch of a button. Customize the POS layout to fit your needs.


Multiple payment types


Increase your flexibility and satisfy your customers by accepting multiple types of payment. With LS One you can take cash, cards, foreign currency, gift cards, credit memos and loyalty points as methods of payment. Your customers can even choose to pay with a combination of these methods, and the system takes care of calculating the amount due. In case of payments with foreign currency you just need to choose which currencies you accept, and the POS will then calculate price and change due.




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