SurePOS 500 Series

 The Toshiba SurePOS™ 500 with advanced touchscreen technology provides the ultimate point-of-sale tools to deliver powerful functions that energize the customer experience.

The sleek, slimmer Toshiba SurePOS 500 offers industry-leading, highly accurate infrared (IR) touchscreen technology integrated into the POS system.The touchscreen never requires recalibration—avoiding costly downtime and reducing errors.

The advanced technology, including a brighter, high contrast screen with adjustable touch sensitivity, helps speed transactions by improving cashier accuracy and performance. Easy to use touchscreens also reduce employee training time.

The displays are totally sealed to avoid damage by liquids and soil from the store environment, making the POS ideal for food service and high traffic areas.

Toshiba IR touchscreens are available as customer displays; and they are perceived as a service enhancement when used to engage shoppers with multimedia capabilities at the checkout counter.

Toshiba SurePOS 500 Series features

  • Industry leading infrared touchscreen (model 566)
  • New sleek, slimmer design
  • Cutting edge, infrared touchscreen with resistive touch sensitivity
  • Energy-saving deep sleep
  • Tool free design
  • Advanced security features
  • Toshiba Retail Hardened
  • Open platform for the latest POS software     

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