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It's important to be aware of the implications of end-of-life software. Businesses still using QuickBooks® Point Of Sale will no longer receive updates, upgrades or technical support from Intuit. Additionally, data stored on the software may become vulnerable to security threats as the system won't be receiving any more patches or bug fixes.

RMH is a great alternative to QuickBooks POS for small business owners

and RMH can be still interface with QuickBooks accounting even though QuickBooks POS is going away!

Most importantly, payment processing with Quickbooks payments and gift cards stop working October 3rd, 2023.

5 Things you should know about switching to RMH

  1. Straight-forward data conversion for Inventory data from QBPOS to RMH

  2. RMH has the ability to have multiple receipt designs

  3. RMH offers custom reports

  4. RMH offers custom tag designs

  5. Staff can learn RMH with little effort, making the switch easy

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