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How to look deeper into your POS reports to improve your restaurant

1. Sales by item: Analyze your sales by item to understand which menu items are selling well and which items may need to be adjusted or removed from the menu. 2. Sales by hour: Look at sales by hour to determine your busy times and adjust staffing and inventory accordingly. 3. Staff performance: Analyze staff performance to identify areas for improvement and recognize top performers. 4. Customer behavior: Use data to understand customer behavior, such as average transaction amount, frequency of visits, and menu items ordered. 5. Food and labor costs: Compare food and labor costs to sales to determine if your restaurant is operating at a profit and make changes as needed. 6. Payment methods: Track payment methods to understand customer preferences and adjust your payment options accordingly. 7. Discounts and promotions: Evaluate the effectiveness of discounts and promotions by comparing sales before and after the promotion was offered. 8. Waste and spoilage: Monitor waste and spoilage to identify areas for improvement in inventory management and kitchen operations. 9. Customer feedback: Use customer feedback to improve the dining experience and inform menu and service changes.

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